At the core of the vision for Cumberland Community Church are the four pistons. Just as all the pistons in a car help make the engine run, the four pistons at Cumberland are what drive our Church.

LOVE people one at a time. We believe people aren’t looking for a loving church; they are really looking for a church that personally loves them one at a time. This is the power of focusing, the best we can, on individuals rather than crowds. Our Community Groups are absolutely critical in these efforts.

FEED people the word of God. People today are very smart. They know the difference between hearing human words and God’s Word. We think most people are not looking for an entertaining church; they are looking for a Biblically deep and challenging church. God did a really good job on the Bible, and so we teach it!

CONNECT people to God through prayer and worship. This taps into the power of a personal relationship with God. We know many people attend church services and often feel distant and disconnected with God. Our sense is that most people aren’t looking for a church that talks about God, they are looking for a church where they actually experience God. We are trying to challenge and grow people up in prayer and worship both personally and corporately.

MOTIVATE people to serve. How do we live and love like Jesus? We are getting tired of hiding in church. We want to build a church where we can serve and make a real difference in our world. Our definitive push is to stop GOING to church and to start BEING the Church. We want to help motivate you to serve the Smyrna area and around the world.