FIA (Faith in Action)

Join us next Sunday (May 27) for a Faith in Action ONE VOICE Prayer Walk. We will be meeting at 9am at Cumberland.

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  1. anita lyles says

    Can we pray about the possibility of working on Ellen Robertson’s home and yard for an F.I.A. I have not seen the property myself, but have received information from a reliable source, that her property is in terrible shape. Her home needs pressure washing and painting, and her yard is over run by poison ivy. It would take about 50 folks to get the place back in shape. In case you aren’t aware Ellen is a widow, and has been for numerous years. She is a lover of Jesus and has devoted her life (outside of her family and job at Life Grocery) to our family at C.C.C. Ellen would have to use funds from her savings to fix up her house and yard, and since she doesn’t have that much longer to work, I personally feel this would not be a wise move. I would appreciate the staff and elders praying about this very important matter, as again, my valuable source said the cost, if repairs are not done soon, would be extremely high.

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