Outside The Walls
To find out more about opportunities to serve both locally and globally, click HERE.
Contact [@encode@ email=”” display=”Angel Crow”].

Community Groups
There is more to just being in a community group at CCC. Find out what that means HERE.
Contact [@encode@ email=”” display=”Joe Braun”].

Prayer & Worship Ministry
Lots of opportunities! … Music, Video, Tech, Design, Dance, Prayer … Click HERE for more details…
Contact [@encode@ email=”” display=”Kyle Nighman”] or [@encode@ email=”” display=”Megan Sullivan”].

Kids Ministry
To find out more about our Kids Ministry opportunities in both the nursery/preschool and elementary ages, click HERE.
Contact [@encode@ email=”” display=”Jen Overly”].

Student Ministry
To find out more about our Student Ministry opportunities, click HERE.
Contact [@encode@ email=”” display=”Greg Chafin”].

For opportunities to use your gift of helps or hospitality or that you simply love to help people feel welcome, check out opportunities to use those gifts HERE.
Contact [@encode@ email=”” display=”Kevin Hammond”].

Our building is big! Too big for a one man show. Click HERE and find an opportunity to help serve CCC and take care of our space.
Contact [@encode@ email=”” display=”Ben Propst”].

Pastoral Care
Click HERE for many opportunities to serve on a pastoral team.
Contact [@encode@ email=”” display=”Alan Scott”].

Church Office Administration
Use that gift of administration and helps in the CCC office.  Click HERE for those opportunities.
Contact [@encode@ email=”” display=”Loary Coates”].

To begin to explore where God might want you to serve, click here.