Outside The Walls
To find out more about opportunities to serve both locally and globally, click HERE.
Contact Angel Crow.

Community Groups
There is more to just being in a community group at CCC. Find out what that means HERE.
Contact Joe Braun.

Prayer & Worship Ministry
Lots of opportunities! … Music, Video, Tech, Design, Dance, Prayer … Click HERE for more details…
Contact Kyle Nighman or Megan Sullivan.

Kids Ministry
To find out more about our Kids Ministry opportunities in both the nursery/preschool and elementary ages, click HERE.
Contact Jen Overly.

Student Ministry
To find out more about our Student Ministry opportunities, click HERE.
Contact Greg Chafin.

For opportunities to use your gift of helps or hospitality or that you simply love to help people feel welcome, check out opportunities to use those gifts HERE.
Contact Kevin Hammond.

Our building is big! Too big for a one man show. Click HERE and find an opportunity to help serve CCC and take care of our space.
Contact Ben Propst.

Pastoral Care
Click HERE for many opportunities to serve on a pastoral team.
Contact Alan Scott.

Church Office Administration
Use that gift of administration and helps in the CCC office.  Click HERE for those opportunities.
Contact Loary Coates.

To begin to explore where God might want you to serve, click here.